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    • Start by removing the three screws with the thick washers installed during main assembly as shown here.

    • Grab the two left seal bars (Part 24 from Parts Pack I) and lay them on top of each other so the finished sides are facing outward from the sidepanels.

    • There's two of each side seal bar so that theres a thick enough surface for the gasket material to rest on.

    • Notice the tabs at the bottom of the seal bars. Those go into the notch of the inside exit panel (Part 9) as shown here.

    • Position the top notches of the side seal bars overtop the top corner brackets as shown here. Friction should hold them in place for now.

    • Repeat the same process as you just did with the left seal bars for the right side.

    • Align the top seal bar (Part 26 in Parts Pack I) so that the small tabs are further to the inside of the box when the finished side is facing down.

    • Slip the tabs around the top corner brackets and press the top seal bar against the top lid clamp (Part 5)

    • Remove the thick washers from the screws you removed in the first step. Use these M3x 16mm screws to fasten the top seal bar to the rivnuts passing through the top lid hinge assembly.

    • The small tabs at the rear of the top seal bar should prevent the side seal bars from coming back out once the top bar is fastened. Verify this.

    • You should have three roughly equal length pieces of gasketing (Part 23) that form the seals of the RepBox. Sometimes two of them are attached and need to be pulled apart as shown in the video.

    • Start by peeling off the backing and laying the gasket on top of the hinge clamp and top seal bar. Start against the side panel and align the gasket so its as close to the hinge as possible.

    • Trim the excess when you reach the opposite sidepanel using flush cutters, scissors, or a hobby knife. Try to get the gasket as close to touching the sidepanels as possible.

    • Always better to snip little bits off at a time to check fit. You can always remove more, putting it back? Not so much.

    • Repeat the process for the bottom seal bar laying it across the exposed edge of the front exit panel assembly as shown.

    • Lay the last unused piece of gasketing on one sidepanel and trim to length. Leave it about 1cm longer than it needs to be so you can fine tune the fit when its time to adhere it.

    • Remove the backing from the half of the gasketing you just cut and adhere it to one of the side seal bars, again staying as close to the edge of the side panels as possible.

    • To get complete seals you want to get all four sides to touch in the corners. Again slowly remove little bits of the gasketing until the fit is perfect.

    • Repeat the same process on the opposing sidepanel with the second half of the gasket you just trimmed.

    • The latch and latch plate should have been installed during the main build. If you somehow missed this part or ordered the kit after doing a standard assembly you can refer to the Latch install here and the Latch Plate Install here

    • Close the lid and push the handle in slightly as you turn the latch to verify a snug fit.

    • Verify that your lid is sealing snug on all edges against the gasketing. If there are gaps double check that the gaskets were positioned properly and that your latch plate (Part 21 in Parts Pack I) doesn't need adjustment.

  1. That's it for the seal kit! Nice job!
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Straightforward. One of my side seal pieces was slightly longer than the other, so i had to sand it down to match the other piece. Otherwise the seal would be sitting on an uneven surface. I hope it seals okay after I silicone it.

Wes Cooper - Reply

Please feel free to send photos of this to so we can evaluate any discrepancy in fabrication that may have caused this or send any necessary replacements.

Pooch -

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