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If you purchased 3D printed parts to be included with your kit you may have received a different color parts than what's shown here. This is normal as we have many color scheme variants. Unless you ordered a specific edition we are not currently able to take specific color requests.

Take the time to inspect your 3D Printed parts now and clean out any strings/debris that may have been left over from the printing process.

The goal is to be able to press an M3x16mm screw through any of the 3mm holes in the printed parts WITHOUT having to thread them. If its a little snug you can gently file out the hole using the threads of an M3 screw.

Test any square nut traps for fitment now. Ideally you should be able to press the square nut in by hand and not have it fall back out on its own but your results may vary depending on printer calibration. Needle nose pliers can assist with pressing them in if need be.

Any time you spend now making sure everything is clean and fits will save you time and potential frustration later in the build.

3D Printed Part color requests can be made at the time of purchase but is not guaranteed as availability is subject to change.

Your contributions are licensed under the open source Creative Commons license.