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Bracket Preparation is absolutely critical to a frustration free and successful build. The time you invest now in making sure everything fits well and threads properly will make assembly go so much smoother and prevent possible damage to your brackets or RepBox.

Begin by inspecting all your brackets and clear out any potential stringing or blobs left from the 3D printing process.

Press square nuts into proper locations for each of the 13 brackets. There are five different nut placement patterns depending on where the bracket is being used in the box:

Base: Corners x 4, Centers x 2

Top Rear: Corners x 2, Centers x 3

Top Front: Corners x 2

Below are five quick video clips of how to prep each bracket type, plus a tip at the end for removing nuts if you screw up. Please note how a properly inserted nut will allow you to pass the hex key completely through the nut hole. If you can't do this, check that the nut trap is clear of debris and try to re-seat.

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